As Europe grapples with the rise of anti-immigration parties, Sadiq Khan's appointment as the first directly elected Muslim mayor of a western capital city is important. According to those who responded to a Guardian callout, people living in the rest of Europe welcome the choice Londoners have made.

"Sadiq's appointment sends a great message to the world. It reflects Britain's state of mind which, as a French person, I think is more open-minded than France," said 18-year-old Mathilde from the south of France. "It tells me that Londoners see above the religion or the race of a person."

Last year, a YouGov poll found that 31% of those living in the capital would be uncomfortable having a Muslim mayor, and 13% were not sure. But the 1,310,143 people who voted for Khan have boosted London's reputation as a multicultural, multi-faith and liberal city.

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