A show that has already attacked conservatives and brought us evil pro-life Catholics this season just portrayed terrorists in a totally unexpected way.

The X-Files episode "Babylon" begins with a young Muslim man praying to Allah before going about his day, speaking Arabic with a friend and heading to an art gallery. But in The X-Files, nothing is ever as it seems and audience members have learned after many years to anticipate a big twist in the cold opening. In this case, we're thinking, surely they are going to be politically correct and the Muslim aspect is just a red herring. One reviewer even admitted to PRAYING, "Please don't be terrorists, please don't be terrorists, please don't be terrorists..."

But much to our surprise, we find out that the two young Arabic-speaking Muslim men who perfectly fit the profile of Islamic terrorists ARE in fact Islamic terrorists! (Liberals must be so disappointed! After all, primetime shows have recently resorted to having their terrorists be Chinese immigrants or anti-government militias to be PC. Countdown to CAIR freak out in 3...2...1...)

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