"Those who don't love Germany should leave Germany," PEGIDA co-founder Lutz Bachmann once said. Now, one month after moving to Tenerife, local officials have told him he is not welcome.

The co-founder of the right-wing, anti-Islam PEGIDA movement, Lutz Bachmann, has been declared "persona non grata" in Tenerife, one month after relocating to the Spanish island.

It remains unclear, however, if or when Bachmann could be forced to leave the island.

The Spanish left-wing party Podemos was one of the keenest advocates for the 43-year-old to be declared an unwanted resident. The local Tenerife newspaper "La Opinion de Tenerife" quoted Podemos spokesman Fernando Sabate of saying, "This declaration should serve as a vaccine because this person is like a virus."

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