Late in November I wrote an article here at FrontPage entitled, "Poster Boy for 'Islamophobia' Tries to Join ISIS." It was about Saadiq Long, a Muslim from the U.S. who had become a darling of MSNBC, leftist propagandist Glenn Greenwald and the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for being on the No-Fly List and unable to return to the U.S. He was on the No-Fly List for no reason at all, you see, and so was an illustration of how the U.S. authorities had fallen prey to "Islamophobia."

But then, as investigative journalist Patrick Poole reported, Long was arrested in Turkey as part of an Islamic State cell. It was on the basis of his piece that I wrote my article. Greenwald, who has for years been an eager ally of the Muslim victimhood industry, and has unapologetically worked with Hamas-linked CAIR, subsequently published a lengthy piece claiming that Poole's was a "fabrication," that there had been no terror raid, and that Long was just in Turkey looking for work. According to Greenwald, it was just another attempt by "Islamophobes" to defame a Muslim because he was a Muslim (and black, of course).

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