Seven women are suing Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach for discrimination, alleging they were targeted last month for being "visibly Muslim" while wearing head scarves and ordered to leave the restaurant before they finished eating.

The April 22 ouster "left us shaken, disrespected and shocked," said Soondus Ahmed, a software engineer. Ahmed said her group was ushered out by two police officers after a manager said they had violated the eatery's policy allowing just a 45-minute stay during peak times. "We committed no crime, and it felt surreal that we were escorted out."

Another plaintiff, Sara Farsakh, said the manager "came up to us and said it was rush hour," but around us, "there were at least 20 empty tables." Farsakh, a college student, said she had gone to the cafe once before with her husband without a problem.

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