Prime Minister Mark Rutte has branded Geert Wilders' plan to close every mosque in the Netherlands as 'a threat to the rule of law' – but stopped short of ruling out a coalition with the Freedom Party leader next year.

During a three-hour live interview in Zomergasten on Sunday evening, Rutte said the PVV's election programme conflicted with domestic and international law on issues such as asylum and religious freedom. But asked if he would co-operate with Wilders after Parliamentary elections in March, he replied: 'I'm not ruling out any other party, but I can't see it happening.'

Around 925,000 viewers tuned in for the final episode of Zomergasten, the annual series of weekly interviews interspersed with TV and film clips selected by the guest. Rutte's episode was by far the most popular of this year's six instalments.

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