In an adulatory Los Angeles Times interview last Friday, leftist media darling Reza Aslan asserts that Donald Trump's popularity reveals that "a large swath of us [is] xenophobic, racist and Islamophobic. And we pretend that we're not. And now it's out in the open and can't be ignored any longer." He has, of course, nothing to say about the possibility that Trump's supporters could be favoring their candidate because of his apparently strong stance against jihad terror attacks and the endless threats of mass murder and destruction from the Islamic State.

Nor does the Times interviewer, Gina Piccalo, challenge Aslan on this or other highly questionable statements; on the contrary, she fawns over him, writing: "Muslim religious scholar Reza Aslan is Internet famous for keeping his cool. The Iranian American author of the 2013 bestseller 'Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth' once confronted a relentless Fox News anchor with such unflappable poise, it made him a viral sensation."

In reality, Aslan confronted the relentless Fox News anchor by lying repeatedly about his credentials. And in other corners of the Internet, he is not famous for keeping his cool, but for losing it, slinging frenzied abuse at those he hates and, when confronted and exposed about it, claiming risibly that his adolescent insults were automated.

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