An attack ad by the Coalition Avenir Québec has reignited the always-simmering identity debate at the National Assembly. The ad features a woman wearing a chador and accuses Liberals and Péquistes of accepting the garment in Quebec schools.

The ad, which reads "(Premier Philippe) Couillard and (PQ Leader Jean-François) Lisée in favour of teachers wearing the chador in our schools," caused a stir Thursday when it surfaced on the CAQ's Facebook page.

It shows a woman wearing a black cloak covering her whole body, leaving only her face exposed, with the accompanying message: "Philippe Couillard and Jean-François Lisée voted in favour of Bill 62, which allows a teacher to wear a chador in our schools. At the CAQ, we consider that a teacher is a model for children and we can't accept that she's wearing a symbol that sends a signal of submission, contrary to the principle of equality between women and men."

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