Sunday's massacre at an LGBT nightclub has Americans split largely down ideological lines over what the deadliest attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 represents, according to the results of the latest Gallup poll released Friday.

Overall, 48 percent of Americans surveyed attributed the attack that killed 49 people in Orlando, Florida, as an "act of Islamic terrorism," while 41 percent said it was "domestic gun violence" and 6 percent said it was both of them in equal measure.

The split is predictably partisan: 60 percent of self-identified Democrats said they saw it more as an act of gun violence, compared with 29 percent who saw it as Islamic terrorism and 7 percent who saw it as both. For Republicans, the difference is even more stark — in the opposite direction. Nearly eight in 10 Republicans, 79 percent, called the shooting predominantly a terrorist act, while only 16 percent said it was an incident of domestic gun violence and a mere 1 percent said it could be categorized as both. Independents were essentially equal in their assessment, with 44 percent mostly viewing the Orlando shooting as terrorism and 42 percent as gun violence, while 9 percent said both labels would apply.

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