Pauline Hanson will use the Senate to denounce the "poor treatment" of Nauru detention centre security guards who were punished after appearing in a photo with her at a Reclaim Australia rally.

The eight guards were suspended after Wilson Security learned about the photo with Hanson, who spoke at the demonstration by the far right group against Islam's cultural influence in Brisbane in April last year.

The guard who posted the photo on Facebook was sacked and the others were demoted from the emergency response team on Nauru. They were told they could not return to the island without a written apology for attending the rally and being in the photo with Hanson. Four guards were cleared to return to Nauru but two refused to do so and quit. Two others who refused to apologise also quit after being offered lower-paid jobs at Brisbane airport car park. The final guard saw out his contract but was "unable to return to work", according to Wilson Security. None of the men remain with the company, which "strongly denies" any of them were treated unfairly.

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