A man from Big Lake has spent the past two days trying to clear his name after an offensive license plate that disparages Muslims was spotted last weekend in St. Cloud and linked to a pickup truck he owns.

Chad Betland, a truck aficionado, bought a gray 1987 Chevrolet from a Foley man last summer. The seller had ordered the personalized license plate that read "FMUSLMS," but didn't tell the state that he kept the collector plates when he sold the truck to Betland. So when somebody spotted a red 1990s model pickup with the insensitive plate on it over the weekend and posted a photo of it on social media, all signs pointed to Betland as being a racist.

"I am linked to being a Muslim hater. My neighbors think they have some racist living in the neighborhood," Betland, 42, said Wednesday. "It's a complete mix-up and I'm the unlucky guy who owns the truck."

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