A new poll of polls shows support for the anti-immigration PVV has dropped steadily over the past month while backing for the ruling right-wing Liberal VVD is rising, broadcaster Nos said on Wednesday.

The PVV remains the biggest party in the poll – which is based on four separate opinion polls – but its support has gone down from between 22.6% and 26% to 21.6% and 23.3%. By contrast, support for the VVD has risen to between 16% and 18.5%, a rise of around three percentage points.

Political scientist Tom Louwerse said there are two likely reasons for the changes. Firstly, prime minister Mark Rutte's recent Correspondents' Dinner speech to journalists had delivered good publicity, he said. And secondly, the refugee theme, which has boosted the PVV, is no longer considered 'breaking news'.

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