A Swiss court has fined a Muslim man who refused to allow his daughters to attend mandatory swimming classes during school hours, as well school camps and other school events.

On Wednesday, the St Gallen cantonal court issued a financial penalty of CHF30 ($30) per day for 100 days and a fine of CHF1000. The man, who is a Bosnian national, was found guilty of breach of duty of care and education, not respecting authorities' decision, and multiple violations against the law on compulsory education. The 40-year-old had appealed against an earlier decision by a district court to open criminal proceedings against him.

The prosecutor had asked for a four month prison sentence and a fine on the grounds that the man had been living in Switzerland since 1990 and showed no interest in integrating or respecting Swiss laws. There was also a demand for the cantonal migration office to look into the possibility of withdrawing his residence permit.

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