Education about Islam from the perspective of South Jersey's Muslim community was the theme of an evening at the Weinberg Jewish Community Campus on Feb. 8, as the Muslim American Community Association (MACA), also known as the Voorhees Mosque, presented a program on "Extremism, Radicalization and Islam: Why are there so many acts of violence in the name of Islam?"

Stressing the need for education to create "understanding, tolerance and trust," MACA Imam Morshad Saami Hossain did not shy away from the fact that acts of violence are committed in the name of Islam, but in a detailed presentation, showed how these acts were not consistent with true Islamic faith. The program was presented in cooperation with the Jewish Catholic Muslim Dialogue, the Camden County Board of Freeholders, and the Jewish Community Relations Council, an agency of the Jewish Federation.

Hossain started off by showing a video of Muslims in America living their everyday lives with their families, doing jobs as doctors, firefighters, policemen and other occupations, as some of the recent hate-filled rhetoric, including from the current presidential campaign, played in the background.

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