Hillary Clinton wasn't the first choice of Dearborn's Muslims. But thanks to Donald Trump's escalating anti-Muslim rhetoric she's quickly moving into that position in Michigan, a state Trump is hoping to put in play.

Interviews with Muslim and Arab-American leaders in Dearborn and the Detroit metro area — home to the nation's largest concentration of Arab-Americans — suggest that Democrats there are quickly making their peace with Clinton, spurred by concerns about Trump, even though many strongly preferred Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary and helped him win the state.

"Both locally and nationally, probably [Sanders] was the favored candidate," said Ismael Ahmed, a Dearborn-based member of the Arab American Institute's board of directors, who is running for the state board of education. "But I think it's a highly motivated community, as it's moving forward, people are more and more accepting that the answer to stopping Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton. They're going to vote for her."

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