The great majority of movie reviewers lean far left politically, so when they sneeringly dismiss a new Hollywood action thriller as "terror exploitation," "racist," "jingoistic," "terror porn," "outrageously propagandistic," "anti-Muslim xenophobia" and "the perfect movie for Donald Trump's America," then you can take that as a strong recommendation for getting to the cinema.

The Gerard Butler action vehicle London Has Fallen opened recently and reviewers are panning it as brutal, cheesy, implausible, and clichéd. Apparently those reviewers are unfamiliar with the genre or feel it is beneath them, because it is generally the nature of action thrillers to be brutal, cheesy, implausible, and clichéd. Moviegoers aren't drawn to action thrillers for their slice-of-life realism or cinematic aesthetics; they want a two-hour dose of escapist adrenalin, an action-packed, over-the-top fun ride, and on that score London Has Fallen satisfies. The audience I saw it with on opening day applauded at the end.

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