When Jersey City, New Jersey, residents vote in Tuesday's presidential primary, they will call to mind seven infamous words uttered by presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump last November:

"Thousands and thousands of people were cheering." Trump was referring to the four percent of Jersey City residents that are Muslim, whom he targeted — baselessly — as having celebrated when the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001, from across the Hudson River; a vantage point that peers east, directly into the architectural magnificence of lower Manhattan.

Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Young Republican Councilman Michael Thulen, doubts Trump's description of what happened in New Jersey on 9-11. He was in college at Montclair State University at the time."I don't recall seeing people cheering myself, not to say it didn't happen, but days after I traveled through Jersey City helping people out like everyone else, and I don't recall anybody rejoicing."

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