I watched Jaws the other night on TV and it reminded me—as everything does these days—of jihad.  In fact, there are some instructive parallels between the plot of Jaws and the official narrative about jihad.

In the film, a great white shark terrorizes the beach town of Amity Island.  After the remains of the first victim are found, the police chief wants to close the beach.  But he is overruled by the mayor and other town fathers who fear that the news will ruin the island's tourist-fueled economy.

Initially, they claim that there is no shark.  Their theory is that the dead swimmer was hit by a boat's propeller.  When the shark claims another victim, however, they decide to offer a reward to whoever can kill it.  Shortly thereafter, some local fishermen catch a large tiger shark and display the carcass on the town dock, giving the mayor the excuse he needs to proclaim the beaches safe in time for the Fourth of July weekend.

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