When she heard the tale, told by the Republican nominee for president, that Gen. John Pershing shot dozens of Muslims during a century-old Philippines conflict with bullets dipped in pig's blood, Kaity Assaf was so repulsed she personally registered up about 15 new Muslim voters on a recent Friday outside a local mosque.

The story that Donald J. Trump has several times retold, even though it has been widely debunked, was received by American Muslims as degrading to their faith, in which pork and pig's blood are unholy, but as an invitation by Trump supporters to dehumanize adherents of Islam.

Like Assaf, many Muslim Americans say they are gearing up to vote in large numbers on Tuesday to rebuke that sort of message, following a massive campaign that has included door-to-door visits, voter registration drives, phone banks and speeches at social and religious events imploring crowds to turn out.

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