America was not the only country to experience violence during Ramadan when 49 lives were lost at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Earlier this month in Germany, a further 180 lives were seriously endangered due to a Ramadan-related dispute.

In a relatively unknown incident in Dusseldorf, the state capital of North Rhineland-Westphalia, a warehouse belonging to that city's exhibition complex was deliberately set on fire. At the time of the blaze, the building was serving as a hostel for recently-arrived, mostly male migrants from the Middle East, North Africa, Iran and Afghanistan.

The act of arson resulted from problems between Muslim residents concerning the observance of Ramadan. Two men from North Africa, a Moroccan and an Algerian, both aged 26, were subsequently arrested. They are suspected of having poured an accelerant on a mattress before torching it, setting off a blaze that completely destroyed the facility.

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