Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has certainly turned American politics on its head. Has it ever happened before in American history that a political party began to frame legislation against an opposing candidate's proposals before he was even elected – much less one whose election was as inconceivable as the mainstream media would have us believe about Donald Trump? Yet that is exactly what the Democrats are doing: Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) is spearheading a bill that would block a President Trump from instituting the temporary halt on Muslim immigration into the United States that he has proposed.

"It's very narrow in scope," says Beyer of his Freedom of Religion Act. "We're not going to discriminate when it comes to immigration based on religion." He added that his bill was intended to "appeal to hope rather than fear." In our pusillanimous and puerile age, "fear" is not just a weakness of character, but a moral flaw: if you fear being beheaded or blown up by Islamic jihadists, you're an evil person. And to be sure, fear is never to be encouraged or given into, but its opposite is not hope, it's courage and resoluteness.

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