Hillary Clinton on Sunday delivered a forceful rebuke of Donald Trump for ridiculing Gold Star parents of Muslim faith, saying she does "tremble before those who would scapegoat other Americans."

In her first public comments defending Khizr Khan, a Muslim who spoke powerfully at the Democratic National Convention last week about his son who was killed in Iraq protecting his unit, Clinton flatly rejected Trump's pursuant attempts to ridicule Khan and his wife.

"Mr. Khan paid the ultimate sacrifice in his family, didn't he?" Clinton said while speaking at an African-American church in Cleveland, in front of a crowd of about 200 churchgoers. "And what has he heard from Donald Trump? Nothing but insults and degrading comments about Muslims — a total misunderstanding of what made our country great, religious freedom, religious liberty. It's enshrined in our Constitution, as Mr. Khan knows, because he's actually read it."

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