Dawud Walid is the longtime executive director of Michigan's chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). His Twitter profile currently bills him as a "human rights advocate and political blogger," and his blog sells him as an imam who lectures on topics such as how to maintain your manners when dealing with hostile people (the irony of this will soon become abundantly clear), and how to address the very real problem of anti-Black racism within the Muslim community.

To anyone less familiar with Walid's persona -- especially online -- he could easily appear to be a champion of civil rights, a man before his time in terms of addressing intra-community problems as well as hostilities between Muslims and non-Muslims. A more comprehensive review of his activities -- or even just a cursory review of his commentary on one of the days he has chosen to lash out at anyone with whom he disagrees -- reveals a more sinister, even cruel, man. Further, his true aim seems not to be civil discourse and community cohesion, but rather the furtherance of a particularly malignant, vicious strain of political Islam.

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