A city in Austria has mandated a curfew for underage migrants after a series of sex attacks at a festival over the past few days and has essentially put the migrants under house arrest.

The sexual assaults at the Welser Volksfest wine and beer festival have provoked sharp reactions from the city administration in the Austrian city of Wels.  The city has decided that all migrants in the asylum homes in the city must return to their accommodation by 8pm and remain there until the morning. The city hopes that the move will prevent further sex attacks at the festival which lasts until the end of the week reports Kurier.

According to authorities at least eight women were sexually assaulted at the festival earlier in the week. The police say that all the attackers were asylum seekers from Afghanistan. The five Afghan men aged 15 to 16 are said to have groped the women's breasts and tried to put their hands up their skirts in one of the beer tents at the event.

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