A new paper reviewing surveys of Western European attitudes towards Jews, published by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP), found that "antisemitic (sic) attitudes are significantly more widespread among Muslims than among other segments of European societies. Perpetrators of the most extreme cases of violence against European Jews in recent years were Muslims." This is no surprise to Jews who are subject to a rising number of Muslim attacks and harassment throughout Western Europe. France in particular has witnessed innocent Jews being slaughtered by Muslim jihadists simply because they were Jews, as tragically exemplified by the massacre of four Jews in a kosher supermarket in Paris last January.

The ISGAP analysis debunks the politically correct tripe that such attacks do not reflect Islam, but are instead the acts of disaffected individuals whose extremism has hijacked Islam for their own purposes. The author of the paper found that the attitudinal surveys he reviewed demonstrated that "the interpretation of Islam seems to be highly relevant. Antisemitic (sic) attitudes are particularly strong among believing and practicing Muslims and correlate with authoritarian, 'fundamentalist' interpretations of Islam."

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