The Swedish flag, with its yellow cross and blue background, originates from the mid-15th century and became the main symbol of Sweden during the second half of the 16th century. Despite its long history, it is only in the 21th century that the Swedish flag is being challenged by parts of Swedish society.  It is a challenge that reveals much about the current discourse in Sweden.

In 2007,  a 13-year-old student was thrown out of classroom in Råneå elementary school in the municipality of Luleå because he had a shirt with the Swedish flag. The teacher who threw out the student had asked the student to take off the shirt or wear it inside out. When the student refused, he was thrown out of the classroom. The school's headmaster said that the Swedish flag may be perceived as a symbol for Nazism and it was school policy that students may not wear shirts with the Swedish flag. Råneå elementary school is not a special school with a special focus, but a conventional public elementary school in Sweden.

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