The Swedish society is in political and social turmoil. In Sweden's train stations, one can constantly hear instructions called out in Arabic and Persian as chaos manifests itself in different ways. The migrants are in shock. They have come to a country where they thought there was a future and shelter. But what they find is authorities and agencies that are overstretched and panicked.

On October 21 of this year, I received an e-mail from officials in Malmö in which it stated that approximately 100 children migrate to Malmö, Sweden every day and the Swedish Migration Agency has only resources to register about 40 of them. What happens to the majority of these children and where they end up, nobody knows. No agency has the resources to find this out.

There is not sufficient housing. On October 9 of this year, an e-mail from officials in Malmö stated that 150 unaccompanied migrant children would start living in 11 classrooms in Örtagård elementary school in Malmö. The headmaster of this school sent a letter to the parents of the pupils, telling them that the school would now be home to unaccompanied migrant children, without telling the parents who made the decision for this arrangement or if the parents had any choice.

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