The problem facing Europe is not only the vast number of migrants flooding the continent. It is that, from past experience, these people do not escape the Middle East. They bring the Middle East with them. The result is enormous strain on the social fabric of the host nations. It becomes increasingly difficult to assimilate the immigrants with the people already there, as governments try to accommodate the overwhelming weight of strangers who do not know their customs and do not speak their languages. Multiculturalism was a dream. It failed. In its place seems to be an emerging nightmare of unmanageable proportions.

The migrant problem is becoming a huge destabilizing headache for Europe. It should not be. The most humane solution -- respecting the migrant's ethnic and religious origins, and honoring their basic traditions of faith and language -- might be closer to home, at least for the migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

Had these migrants been Jewish you can be sure that Israel would have taken emergency measures to accept and absorb them into the Jewish State.

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