A host on SiriusXM radio today cut off a guest for declaring that President Obama "is a Muslim." On "The Morning Briefing with Tim Farley," retired Air Force Col. Dick Brauer Jr. said, "The key thing is that, our president being a Muslim, and he is a Muslim because his father -"

At that point, host Farley stopped him with these words, "All right, well, we're just going to take you right off the air now, so we don't need that on the air because that's ridiculous and just, we're not going to let you put falsehoods on the air. So I appreciate your being here. But that is not something we're going to allow to get on the air because it's a ridiculous accusation."

Later, Farley explained that his program hosts both conservative and liberal guests. "We try to steer them into a path of discussion as opposed to just an attack," he said. "We will occasionally challenge facts, but when somebody states that the president is a Muslim, we've gone past the point of fact and it's clear that from that point on we cannot have a reasonable discussion so we just stopped it."

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