"Money, money, money" the legendary Swedish band ABBA sings from the speakers of a military vehicle near the town of Asotthalom. Hungarian soldiers joke and laugh, even though they have a boring task ahead of them, here on the border with Serbia: building a four-meter-high fence, which the government in Budapest has made a top priority. The posts have already been driven in, and now they need to raise and attach the wire mesh. The men in camouflage are trying to tension the wire without leaving any weak points.

"The migrants cross the border along its entire length," one soldier said. That's why the "Hungarian wall" is being built in a hurry to be ready by the end of the month. Razor wire, in coils around a meter high, is already in place and is very sharp. In one place it has caught a baby's bib, left behind by refugees as they climbed over it. Can the future fence stop them? "We hope so," the soldier said.

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