Rotterdam's Mayor Aboutaleb is asking Dutch people planning to travel abroad to fight for IS to remember that if they choose IS and jihad, then they leave behind The Netherlands. Aboutaleb says if they choose their side consciously, then they should hand in their passports with him. "If you reject the Dutch constitution by wanting to fight with IS, then you also reject the Dutch passport", he tells the NOS.

"Be a man, and come hand in your passport", Aboutaleb says. The Mayor does not call jihadists traitors yet. He says that it is instead an intense and immense feeling of rejection towards the Dutch society that has invested itself in these people.

In an open letter to all Muslims, published in Trouw on Saturday, Aboutaleb is joined by Rotterdam alderman Joost Eerdmans as they call on Muslims preaching for jihad are not only committing treason towards the core values of democracy, but also towards their grandparents who came to The Netherlands to give their children a better life.

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