The Obama administration has a soft spot in its heart for the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood.

Just last month, the U.S. State Department went out of its way to insult the president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whom the Obama administration should be treating as a valuable ally in the fight against global jihadism, by hosting a delegation of leaders who have been aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. The State Department's guests at the meeting, whose visit was arranged and paid for by Georgetown University, included former Freedom and Justice Party members (the Muslim Brotherhood's political party). One of the State Department officials who met with the delegation was the deputy assistant secretary for democracy, human rights, and labor.

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki downplayed the importance of the meeting, which she said was "routine at the State Department as they meet political party leaders from across the world." But the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned guests lost no opportunity to propagandize their grand reception at the State Department. One of them posed for a picture in front of the State Department's logo, proudly displaying the jihadist group's notorious four-finger symbol of defiance, known as the R4BIA salute.

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