Luxembourg will not adopt a law prohibiting the wearing of a full-body veil in public spaces. The decision was made on Friday evening by four government ministers and the leaders of the four largest parliamentary factions.

Reacting to the various stances of Luxembourg's political parties on whether there was a need to legislate the wearing of a full veil in public places in the Grand Duchy, Xavier Bettel announced less than a week ago the desire "to settle this problem with a calm mind. We must not fall into populism and, above all, we have to avoid amalgams."

As expected, on Tuesday evening at 5pm, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (DP), Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider (LSAP), the Minister of Justice Felix Braz (the Greens) and the Interior Minister Dan Kercsh (LSAP) met the leaders of parliamentary factions of the DP, LSAP, the Greens and the CSV.

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