Muslim women in Iceland need to show "proof" of their faith in order to be able to wear a hijab in a passport photo. The head of the Muslim Society in Iceland called the regulation "terribly funny".

Vísir reports that a Muslim Icelander was recently denied the renewal of her passport on the grounds that she would not remove her hijab for the photo. While passport guidelines provide an exemption from the rule forbidding headwear for a passport photo based on religious reasons, those seeking the exemption need to provide proof that they are registered in one of two Muslim organisations in Iceland.

The woman in question, not belonging to any registered religious organisation but a Muslim all the same, had no such "proof" of her religion, and was subsequently denied the exemption. In the end, she was allowed to have her passport photo taken while wearing the hijab when a Muslim organisation wrote a letter confirming that she was, in fact, a Muslim.

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