When the world looks so bleak that all we can do is laugh, what we laugh at often reveals more than we think.

The news in Europe over recent weeks has certainly been bleak. Since the atrocities in Paris, almost every day has seen new arrests of Islamic militants or further futile warnings from politicians and security chiefs about the unprecedented danger our societies are in.

Against this backdrop of dead journalists, dead cartoonists, dead Jews and dire warnings, it seemed a couple of weeks ago as though there were some "light" relief provided by America. On one segment of Fox News, terrorism expert Steven Emerson described parts of Paris as "no-go zones," where the residents apparently let it be known that they would rather police themselves and torch cars, and the police apparently feel the same way. He went on to say that the same situation exists in Britain, notably in parts of Birmingham, which, said Emerson, was a "Muslim only city," where non-Muslims simply 'don't go.'

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