Last year's Tower Hamlets mayoral election was a scandal – a damning indictment of one man's ambition. Yesterday, a High Court judge ruled that the result was void and that the "winner", Lutfur Rahman, would not be able to run again. The only surprising thing about this sound verdict is how long it took to expose the truth. Much of the spadework had to be done by private citizens and The Telegraph's investigative reporter Andrew Gilligan.

Judge Richard Mawrey found Mr Rahman and his supporters had committed a litany of abuses. They were guilty of vote-rigging, seeking to influence the result through imams, wrongly branding rivals as "racist" and allocating local grants in order to buy votes. Mr Mawrey said that while this corruption was not "the consequence of the racial and religious mix of the population", it is true that Mr Rahman and his supporters played the "race and Islamophobia card".

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