Last week, a federal judge sentenced a Palestinian terrorist, Rasmieh Yusef Odeh, to 18 months in prison for committing multiple counts of immigration fraud. Odeh could have received as many as 10 years, and prosecutors were seeking a sentence of between five to seven years, but the sentencing Judge, Gershwin Drain, stuck to federal sentencing guidelines. Odeh was also stripped of her US citizenship and faces deportation following her release from prison, but is currently free on bond pending her appeal. Given the sheer volume of documentary and testimonial evidence against her, meticulously compiled by federal prosecutors, a reversal or remand seems highly unlikely and Odeh will almost certainly do time but not nearly enough given her murderous past.

Odeh epitomizes evil. She was an active member of the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) which the US State Department labeled as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). On February 21, 1969 Odeh, her sister and at least 3 other co-conspirators placed a bomb in a Jerusalem supermarket that claimed the lives of two Israeli university students in their early twenties. The bomb was timed to go off for maximum impact on Friday during pre-Sabbath shopping. A second bomb targeting the first responders – paramedics and ambulance personnel – was discovered in the nick of time and neutralized.

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