Five years ago, Katie Couric exemplified our secular media's Islamophilia when on an online show at CBS, she proclaimed  "Maybe we need a Muslim version of The Cosby Show. I know that sounds crazy, but The Cosby Show did so much to change attitudes about African-Americans in this country, and I think sometimes people are afraid of what they don't understand."

Given what's come to light about Cosby, she probably wishes she'd suggested The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or maybe Diff'rent Strokes. No matter. What must bin Laden have thought when briefed that America was preparing a new weapon to defeat him -- sit-coms?

Now online at Yahoo, Couric is still singing from the same songbook, hosting two Muslim comedians in a discussion headlined "Fighting Islamophobia, one joke at a time." Couric asked, "What ultimately do you think will have to be done to make people more educated, more tolerant, more accepting?"

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