Despite criticism of his comments on a recent trip to London, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is standing by his assessment of certain Muslim neighborhoods as "no-go zones" for other Britons.

"I knew that my comments were going to rile up people on the left. Whenever you speak honestly about the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, the politically correct crowd does not like this," Jindal said today on CNN. "I was very clear. No-go zones are areas where people are trying to impose Sharia law, where women don't feel as comfortable going in without wearing veils from the outside. The police are less likely to go in. The left try to jump on the semantics. I don't care if you call them sensitive urban zones, the way the French do, or no-go zones."

"Here's the bigger point. The bigger point is that Islam has got a problem. Muslim leaders have got to condemn, not just generic acts of violence, but these individual terrorists, saying these fools aren't martyrs; they're not going to enjoy a reward in the afterlife; they're going straight to hell."

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