Life is stirring in the fish tank. It is a controlled space, where one cannot see out and is dependent on nourishment from above.

Or undernourishment. It comes from the press, with its censorship; from politicians, with their refusal to acknowledge how the increased presence of Islam is directly connected to the rise in anti-Semitism in Europe, and from the country's "we-know-better" intellectual elite, who pass along "correct" truths. The term "prefabricated fodder" comes to mind. Norway is not the sole purveyor of it in Europe, unfortunately.

In our little fish tank in the north, we have been kept apart from our fellow fish in the ocean. We have been kept apart from the possibility of receiving other opinions (dangerous!) and finding our own nourishment (uh-oh, knowledge). Increasingly, one gets the impression the "establishment" would like to keep us in this hermetically sealed fish tank forever. Here, in this controlled space, it is easy to be scrutinized; and you if you step out of line, heaven help you.

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