After every terrorist attack, the news goes through the usual checklist of excuses. Muslims aren't responsible. It had nothing to do with Islam. Asking Muslims to condemn or disassociate themselves from the attack is racist and you should be ashamed of yourself for even asking them to do it.

The Chapel Hill shootings reversed the spin. The media switched from warning us that we shouldn't blame Muslims for Muslim terrorism, to blaming atheists for a parking dispute turned violent. Their evidence was Craig Hicks' Facebook page quoting prominent atheists attacking, mainly, Christianity.

The Washington Post headlined its story, "Chapel Hill killings shine light on particular tensions between Islam and atheism". A more accurate headline would be that they shine a light on tensions between atheists and the left. Though atheists aren't necessarily on the left, the Western left used to view them in a friendly light due to its own hostility to Christianity and Judaism. But recently that began to change.

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