Inverness-based Florida Gun Supply's owner Andy Hallinan has changed his mind again. Eailer this week, he declared his store a "Muslim-free Zone," in a politically charged Facebook video that went viral. Then, he backed off a bit – inviting a prominent Muslim leader to learn how to shoot. He agreed to host Hassan Shibly, of Florida's Council on American-Islamic Relations, on Saturday.

But now, he's changed his mind again, telling News Channel 8, "I owe it to my community to cancel. I have now learned that CAIR has been very connected to terrorism. It's nothing against Mr. Shibly, but the group itself, I don't trust." Shibly is disappointed. "I think he succumbed to the negative pressure he got from the anti-Muslim bigots who were very upset at hearing that a Muslim leader would get trained in a Muslim-free zone," he said.

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