After a second Mohammad cover is published by Hebdo Magazine, the Muslim world sets ablaze. In a misguided attempt to save lives, will freedom of expression be the ultimate fatality?

On January 14, 2015, exactly one week after the murders at Hebdo for the publication of a Mohammad cartoon on its cover, the magazine is at it again. This time, the cover depicts the Prophet Mohammad with a tear rolling down his cheek, holding a sign reading "Je Suis Charlie". The caption states, "[T]out est pardonne" (all is forgiven). Hebdo, which normally generates a circulation of 60,000, sold a record 3 million copies of this issue.

But even positive depictions of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad are deemed blasphemous in Islam and are criminally punished in Muslim countries, often by death. Hence, subsequent to "Hebdo 2", violent protests have erupted throughout the Middle East and Africa.

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