No sooner did Islamic militants massacre 132 concertgoers, partygoers, pedestrians and coffeehouse patrons in Paris last week than the world jumped collectively to its feet. "The world stands with Paris," the Bloomberg news agency declared. "World stands by France," USA Today stressed. "The world stands with France," The Australian insisted. "World stands behind France," The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong explained. "World stands in solidarity with Paris," The National in Abu Dhabi, News World in India and CCTV Africa in Kenya all concurred.

Good to know. But we might as well sit down now. It's not as if "the world" was going to do anything anyhow beyond just standing there and trotting out the usual platitudes that have become routine in the wake of daily atrocities by Islamic terrorists over the past weeks, months and years, from Kenya to Canada and from Thailand to Tunisia. And so there the world was, standing with Paris and by France, posting faux-lachrymose status updates on social media, projecting the colors of France's national flag onto cultural landmarks, and attending candlelight vigils where someone inevitably led a soulful sing-along to John Lennon's "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance."

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