Leave France or die. As Bret Stephens noted in the Wall Street Journal recently, it has come down to this choice for French Jews, who are beginning to stream out of the country as violent Islamic Jew-hatred there grows. They may certainly take advantage of Israel's right of return if they choose, but if they are serious about the vow "Never again," then it's time for Jews in France and elsewhere to get serious about defending themselves.

Over a hundred years ago, long before the Holocaust, Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization, advocated that Jews arm themselves ("Jewish youth, learn to shoot!"). But today, long after the harsh lessons of the Holocaust, Jews are loathe to take up arms against their enemies. Instead, too many urge each other simply to flee their homes or conceal their Jewishness.

For example: for those who dare to stay in France, a French hairdresser has come up with a way to boost "Jews' feeling of confidence as they walked on the streets": a Magic Kippah made of real or synthetic hair that blends into the wearer's hair, making it nearly invisible and thus making Jews less of a public target. This brings to mind British authorities advising soldiers not to wear their uniforms in public, making them, too, less of a target for Islamic murderers like those who savagely butchered Lee Rigby. Or American soldiers in Europe being cautioned not to wear their uniforms off-base due to threats from ISIS.

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