Over the weekend, a Muslim conference held near Paris was interrupted when two Femen activists stormed the stage during a talk given by two fundamentalist preachers. The focus of the talk was on the role of women in Islam and, according to Inna Shevchenko – Femen's founder member –  they were discussing why husbands should not beat their wives. The topless activists were then forcibly removed from the stage and kicked aggressively by a number of the event organisers. Irony doesn't even cover it.

It's easy to dismiss this as yet more bare-breasted attention seeking from Femen protesters, and in a way, it is. But you can't doubt that they often get their targets right. Back in Ukraine in 2008, Femen activists fought against sex tourism. They have also staged protests against female genital mutilation. Now, they are taking the fight to radical Islam.

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