When cartoonist Molly Norris brought the wrath of Islamic fundamentalists everywhere upon her after unwittingly initiating Everybody Draw Muhammad Day five years ago, she went into hiding on the advice of the FBI and hasn't been seen or heard from publicly since. Bosch Fawstin brought similar wrath upon himself for winning the recent Draw Muhammad contest in Garland, Texas, at an event where a pair of jihadists were shot and killed trying to assassinate those inside, much like the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in France. Not only did Fawstin not go into hiding, but he has just released his most aggressively anti-Islamic work yet: the graphic novel The Infidel #3.

Besides being a former Muslim himself, award-winning cartoonist Bosch Fawstin is a FrontPage contributing artist and the author/illustrator of, among other works, The Infidel series of graphic novels. Full disclosure: Fawstin is also a friend of mine, whom I have previously written about and interviewed here on FrontPage Mag. In that interview, Fawstin observed that "comics have been as truthless and as gutless as any corner of pop culture about Islam and Jihad since 9/11." That can't be said about The Infidel, particularly the latest installment, released today.

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