A Louisiana lawmaker today prodded terrorism officials at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on the Garland, Texas, ISIS attack about whether they were looking to tamp down incitement in the U.S.

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) said knowing that ISIS are "experts at manipulating social media and using social media, are there things that we can do or things that we should encourage others to do or not to do to protect themselves?"

"And I guess now, I'm going to get into the sensitive area of — you know, I'm not commenting whether it's their First Amendment right to have a contest to depict or make fun of Islam, but in my mind, I encourage my mother not to walk down dark streets at night, because it's dangerous," Richmond added. "I would get upset if someone drew cartoons of Jesus or called Mary a slut. I mean, that's just my faith." The second-term congressman is Baptist.

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