Last month, Broward County Vice Mayor Martin "Marty" Kiar and Commissioner Barbara Sharief became Mayor Martin Kiar and Vice Mayor Barbara Sharief. Five months prior, in June, both Broward officials made videos of themselves voicing statements in support of Emerge USA. While the group has an innocuous – even patriotic sounding – name, Emerge USA is actually a radical Muslim organization with links to terrorism and bigotry. Either Kiar and Sharief didn't vet the group they were associating themselves with properly or they didn't care.

On Kiar's video, his statement read in part, "I'm here with my great friends from Emerge, who are doing a great job advocating for some wonderful things, and I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work that Emerge is doing for our community and to continuously encourage you to keep getting involved... [T]he best way to effectuate change is when good folks like yourself reach out to us and tell us how to do a better job for the community."

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