We've just had Oscar night in the US. But sadly, there was no nomination for "Bravest Director." Here is a nomination.

Ordinarily of course, you would not dare to have a nomination for "bravest director." The role would be coveted by, and only awarded to, people who made films that made utterly predictable points for whatever the spirit of the age happened to be. A tale of one woman's battle against disease, set against the backdrop of the anti-slavery movement. The tale of one man's fight against class prejudice and unequal pay, set against the background of the sinking of the Titanic, and so on.

The word "brave" is so overused in the film industry that it is easy to forget what the word actually means. Here is a suggestion. Bravery is Finn Norgaard. He was the 55-year-old film director who was shot dead in Copenhagen earlier this month by Omar Abdelhamid Hussein. The story of exactly how Finn Norgaard died has only just emerged and has not yet been told. But it needs to be known.

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